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Single Parent Health Care and Health Care Costs

Single Parent Health Care costs can actually cause the single parents to have financial struggles. As a single parent they are just trying to pay for their family's health care benefits. Keeping the family healthy is not affordable for most. Paying for medical emergencies without Health Care benefits puts a strain on a single parent capabilities and the family's budget. It then begets it's own financial problems thereafter. With the new Insurance Acts that have been voted into place, single parents still have to be able to afford it, just to get the tax break. Hmm...

In an article on February 2007, The Headline read, "Employers foresee health costs up 8 pct" and in a Poll the results were, "...20 percent of companies intend to substantially increase workers' share of health care costs." The National Health Statistics Group estimates that health care costs will double over the next 10 years to $4.1 trillion.

So what does that mean for the Single Parent Health Care provider for the family; and how does a tax break or anything else help the single parents to pay for all this? Well...we don't know. It is very confusing, and the best medicine in our opinion is Preventative Medicine and Natural Health Care.

Which is what brings us to you here; to show you ways other single parents are coping with the high costs of medical benefits, and staying healthy so they are not needed so frequently.

Yes we have looked into all types of Health Care benefits over the decades of our single parent child rearing, and the most affordable are listed on this site. You are under no obligation to use any of these products, they are just here to give you great ideas. If it is just what you were looking for, and you purchase, thank you for helping us continue giving you this free information.

Let's address the Work Place Health and Single Parent Health Care

First, as 85% of single parents have to work outside the home. Most health care experts say employers will be concentrating their services and benefits toward the prevention of chronic disease or treat them before they get worse. This includes worksite wellness programs, on-site health clinics and even providing free drugs.

In some instances this may also include cafeteria's and vending machines with healthy foods only, such as; salads, light meals with fruit and vegetables, healthy drinks and where you can't find coffee, donuts, or cookies at meetings. Then instead of meeting at the local hang-out after work, you would stay and meet at the Company Gym. Many companies have had one for years, soon not only the elite or health industries will have them.

Companies need to stop the escalation of health care costs; and their first target in line is Obesity. Did you know that a study found 23% of companies ran a medical clinic on site, and at least 6% more plan to have one in 2008. They say it is a way of delivering primary health care at a lower cost to their employees. Many cover the family members too. This all keeps their employees on the job and not off the clock or productive.

In that information we see why Major Companies are also trying to get the Government to fund Work Place Health Care. Helen Darling, president of the National Business Group on Health, said that, "...despite the stability, the cost increases are unsustainable and will lead to greater corporate support for an increasing role for government in providing health care. Even though workers' share of medical costs relative to employers is relatively stable, the base keeps rising which will dampen consumers' use of healthcare." And, "Money does change behavior, but the concern is, what will they use less of?," she said, adding that if they put off regular doctors' visits and use the emergency room more, that will raise costs further. "Then we'll have a vicious cycle."

We feel this brings us right back around to the Single Parent with Health Care concerns to being more health conscious to begin with.

This is not to be taken as Medical Advice in any way, it is just our own opinion and philosophy. To use preventive, natural, nutritious, methods and remedies. As I am responsible for my family and the sole and Single Parent Health Care benefactor, I personally see a Health Care Providers for what they were meant for, emergencies and yearly (or bi-yearly) check-ups. So yes, we, in a way do already think like Helen Darling speaks of. You can't fight human nature...keep my children healthy and safe. We hope to show you more on the Single Parent Health Care pages of this site. Here is the number one Single Parent Health Care problem today, and a solution for you. STOP SMOKING!

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Please check back for updates on Single Parent Health Care, and until then see all our other FREE Information pages.

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