Cooking With Kids

Where Cooking with Kids is a life long tradition

Long ago (and I am 56 at this writing-ouch), we used to sit on the front porch and prepare our food for the stove. Cooking with kids was a natural part of our lives.

Grandma and I would sit and string the fresh beans we had picked, there would be fresh shucked corn in a basket waiting by the screen door, and my Mom and Aunt might be washing strawberries we had grown across the road in one of the big fields of our family farm.


Well, sadly, those days are about gone in this fast paced and unhealthy world, however, we can still have fun in the kitchen and set our own traditions right?

So, guess what I am hiding under here...

Yes this year, I am getting something for my entire family all in one Gift!

Yes, it is a bit extravagant, however, I am not buying anything else! In the process I will be clearing the shelves of numerous little appliances and passing those down to my younger’s too. kitchenaidmixer

With Juvenile Diabetes and Overweight children taxing their entire bodies systems, our Medical Professionals are making great money! These are just two issues that we can improve at home just by feeding them a bit different then we might have been told previously-was healthy!

Face the facts! The food pyramid does not contain boxed or canned foods. It contains fresh as possible nutritious foods. Some of the biggest causes of obesity is due to the chemicals we are feeding them from the boxes. The chemicals which keep your body from taking care of itself.


Cooking with kids can help with Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss does not mean sending the kids to a summer weight loss camp. It means finding and keeping available snacks and low fat meals-especially for our obese child.

I have always bought from local fruit and vegetable stands when possible. The more local it is...the fresher it is going to be, and the more vitamins and minerals it will have.

Why not buy the extra attachments so even the smallest berry or carrot can go into a glass of great tasting juice? Do you know how much better that is for us?

Maybe you have a child with food allergies.

There are many quick meals and recipes for kids around the site. From the low fat recipes to those who are limited due to lactose intolerance-fresh is best. JuicerStufferGrinder

Have you ever had a hot dog made of 100% real beef that you ground yourself? Can you imagine the rich taste it will have? I got the Sausage stuffer so am going to try that...will let you know how it goes. Imagine cooking with kids and making your own.


I know one family who buys their oats and grains and grinds them every morning right into their bowl...packed with vitamins and minerals which "fortified" can't hold a candle to.

Others are simply poring artificial colored, flavored, and preserved filler cereal every day. What do we want our kids to eat?

My kids were home schooled for decades, so we spent a great deal of time doing our kids crafts and holiday crafts in the kitchen. We used the measurements for our lesson plans. Plus they always helped me with their own birthday cakes. Pasta-extruder

Now here is something a little extravagant that I believe I can live without, and have opted for the two following attachments instead. The Extruder is so cool though-maybe someday. Just think, push a button, through in a ball of dough, and you have pasta right into the pan. Who would have thought it huh?


So with these three Roller and Cutters and the set of noodle pattern shapes we will have everything from linguini to macaroni in one fell swoop! PastaShapesShooter

So if you are going to make this healthy change with us this year, let’s really put our efforts in. For our kids health-we have to be the ones who encourage healthy eating and a more healthy choices for our children and ourselves.


And since we are going to be getting together to make it a Tradition of Pasta cooking with kids and family so and make big batches to share, we got a hanger. This way we can even package our own to use later.

Now that I have shared with you what we are doing for our Family Traditions, we encourage you to share yours too.

Tell us how you are cooking with the kids, or the old and new traditions you are setting for your family and we will publish that on your own page at our site. Just use our easy form below.

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