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If you would like to share about any topic that concerns single parenting, at any age:
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When you read the magazine and these FREE books, you will learn many tips on how to make the most out of your single parent family life for you and for your children.

For your children it is difficult to live with one of their parents only. Related to children from normal families, they have a disadvantage. All the initiatives and ideas have to come from you, the single parent. That takes you a lot of energy and requires a lot of creativity.

We help you with the creativity by providing you with ideas and by sharing ideas from others through these FREE books, via our magazine and through the contributions from our visitors.

We appreciate it very much if you share your stories in this Single Parent Side Bar.

Let us know how you and your children had fun during your holidays, how you involve your children in the housekeeping and how they learn from it. (see below)

It is more difficult to provide you with energy. The stories the Side Bar page and in our magazine might give you energy. But your children can support you with this. Challenge them to come up with new ideas for your single parents family life. Challenge them to take the lead in the organization of events, the preparation of a weekend trip, to select a film to watch in the movies on Saturday evening and to buy the tickets. They will like it.

The Single Parent Side Bar will revitalise your energy and give you plenty of ideas and tips.

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