The Research On Single Parenting will be never-ending.


Research On Single Parenting, single parenting financial problems, the advantages or disadvantages of single parenting, all change with the statistics of each era.  There are a few single parenting facts and stats that do not change. 

You will see much in the news articles on single parenting, and the parenting organizations of today.  Guides are teaching techniques for single parent families everywhere, and through millions of books, DVDs and other media. How do you filter through it all to make plausible sense of it?  You don't.  Stop trying to make sense of single parenthood.  You are carrying around a big stick with you, and every time you do not conform with the crowd, you buy into the guilt.  There is no mold, get over it! 

We will supply you with a couple of lists below, to help you find solid footing. They will head you in the right direction. Remember, you are still a work in progress too.

This list has tons of problems that have been turned into solutions.


Special attention has to be paid to divorced single parents related to the effects of divorce on children. Research shows that there are short term (negative) effects of divorce on children. However, the most children are not very much affected.
On the long term, the divorce of their parents has serious consequences for them once they enter in a serious romantic relationship. These effects establish as long as 25 years after the divorce.

Research on Single Parenting

PLEASE try this book. We had more fun with it! Light-hearted yet to the punch about having fun with your family.
50 Wonderful Ways to Be a Single-Parent Family

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