Organize your home and you can Manage your time

Organize your home and to remove chaos and bring structure and pleasure in your life.

The subjects you have to attack are:

  1. Do away whatever you can
  2. Give everything a fixed place
  3. Clean-up and decorate
  4. Manage your time

Once you have done this, you and your family will have much more space to breath.

Use new decorating ideas, paint colors and painting tips to manage, even redecorate and rejuvenate your lives.

No, teaching you how to change around your house is not all it takes for some to get contol of your life, however, you will be amazed whether you do a whole house, a small apartment decorating, or just take a few key ideas with your today, we are sure to have free decorating ideas that will help get your space in order.

Time management is a big deal to a single parent.

We would like to show you our favorite place to unclutter the kids too. After all, who has time to run after kids, picking up what you just picked up? Many times you can simply rearrange a dresser or chair and it brings life back to a room. Where one is interest in being organized, was the last thing a child cared about, now they love their new space and maintain organization skills there. Teach kids to organize their space too.

One of our favorite things to help when decorating small spaces, is to use a bed riser whenever we decorate a room. The space you find under there will amaze you! This is the amazing BedRiser. We also use the vacuum bags for clothes.  Filling those up, and sliding them under the bed protects all our off season clothes.

Or read some of our single parent's journal articles, and see how they manage their time just by being able to keep up easier. Many of our single parents are using this system on a daily basis. You too can turn your prospective on your home around when you use the FranklinCovey's systems!

Be Organized





Do you think clutter is okay?    Can you pull your vehicle in the garage, or find the right tool when you need it?

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