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Steve and Diane Kinney have four wonderful grandchildren but due to their daughters unfortunate health problems, are now raising their grandchildren. Grandparents becoming primary parents again is nothing new now days. This story goes even deeper into family care, please come read their encouraging story.

CNN reports today (11-23-2011), that 1 out of 5 US children are hungry and haven't food enough to sustain good health.  There is a great program run by non-profits that you can learn about here. Please check them out as they give free lessons for better health.

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The National Council for Solar Growth   Designed for low-income families and single parent households, the townhouses are arranged in 4-plexes and 5-plexes around a central spine that includes two ...

Child Predators, Parents Beware Parents today have... Every single parent in America wants to keep their children safe on line but the numbers are against us. In my house there is only access to the internet by my children when mom or dad are in the room. All of the other computers in the ...

Program provides help to single moms  Baton Rouge, LA... and when you're a single parent, it's magnified," said grandmother Mercy Butler of Zachary, who attended the event with her daughter, single mom Daniell ...

Single Moms: Move Forward with Confidence  As a single mom, you've lost the dream of what life might have been like for your family if your children's dad was still at home with you. But you're not condemned to a miserable life just because of your circumstances.

Parenting Videos  One particular video that I wanted to point out to you is Maximize Evening Quality Time. ...

Saving Our Sons: Raising Black Children in a Turbulent World  Fairfax, VA  His parents became estranged soon after his birth and, faced with raising a fatherless child, the mother made every effort to provide a healthy family and..

State budget singles out mom of former DA for insuranceBoston - United States - The $27 billion budget passed by the Legislature earlier this month includes a one-paragraph statement providing health insurance to a single ... A woman who has been insured for 25 years, we’re knocking her off."

Do we support the families of military deaths enough? Since 2001, 160000 female troops have been deployed, and 10 percent of them are single mothers. Women combat veterans are at an elevated risk for PTSD, and often suffer military sexual abuse. But the VA has just two gender-specific...

Young African American Man Sacrifices Life for Single MothersLong Beach, CA A must-read for pastors, teachers and every single parent." Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones, The Paradise Radio Network, WCBQ-WHNC-AM Tardy wants to make a ...

'Disappearing act' a tragedy for mom, kid  Vancouver, Canada  ,,. for Victims of Abuse had been in place for about six years when Revenue Canada's then-director of benefits programs recruited the single mom in 1998. ...

Prague: thousands protest against cuts in social programs Oak Park, MI    Several other payments for children and single-parent families are to cut entirely. Necas is also intent on changing the pension system and is demanding an ...

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