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Kids Vacations can be affordable fun for the kids and family.  Single parenting financial struggles do not have to get in the way.  You have to budget carefully, find an affordable vacation package, and be conservative to meet that goal.  We will show you lots of great ideas for your family vacation this year.  There are many types of vacations so we will list a few ideas on each.

According to a number of polls and surveys on the net, we listed various results on why kids like to go on vacation with their family. 

What do kids like most, on vacation during ages 5 through 13?  Here's some examples of what kids said about Kids Vacations; and on our many pages you will find other great ideas, along with actual pricing for affordable package vacation deals.

The Number One Kids Vacation choice of the kids is Theme Parks.

93 percent of kids chose theme parks as their favorite type of vacation. Second choices were playing on the beach and ocean vacations, and nearly 60% of kids chose Hawaii as their dream vacation.  About 31% prefer playing or camping near an ocean or lake. 75 percent of kids ranked pool time as their number three favorite activity on vacation; along with land sports, like mini golf, ping pong, biking, etc.

When asked for specifics, kids first choice for theme parks were those in Orlando, FL. such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, etc.

Despite popular belief, only 19 percent wanted to go shopping while on vacation.  Those who do choose that activity to take place at the theme parks anyway, as 32 percent like to bring home a souvenir t-shirt, hat or other clothing to remember their trip.   And another surprise is only 13 percent wanted a Toy souvenir.

We worry about kids missing us while they are on vacation without us.  However, 42 percent of children missed their friends most while away, and nearly as many said they missed their pets most. 44 Percent of Kids won't leave home without blankie or a stuffed animal; 45 percent wouldn’t leave home without an MP3 player, and about one-third had brought a friend along on vacation.

In case you feel guilty about what your kids do on vacation, rest assured even though it's not as healthy as we would choose for them, 70 percent of kids said they eat more junk food and drink more soda while on vacation, and 69 percent said they "got to" miss school to go away on holidays.

So what is on the bottom of the list?  Sightseeing!  Only 7 percent said they liked it.  Although of those polled, 48 percent had traveled out of the country once or twice. 

Another 48 percent had participated in a hotel’s kids club/program, and over 70 percent said they liked it enough to sign up again.

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The bottom line I believe is, 91 percent of all kids polled, said they like that vacation gives them more time with parents.

About 70% said that the time spent with parents on vacation was just about right, while 30 percent would like more time with mom and dad. Check out the following updated discount family vacations to see great ideas we found for you and your Kids Vacation.
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