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Many people wonder how or why I have stayed single for over 14 years now. Actually I am a widow, with one relationship (or indiscretion depending how you think of it) along the way. I still feel much like a widow, as the latter relationship was short lived; leaving me until it was over to mourn my late husband even more.

However, that one resulted in my wonderful youngest child who is almost 13 at this writing. My late husband died almost 15 years ago, and I raise our 16 year old son. My first husband and father of my 34 year old daughter was never really in my picture, yet taught me how never be abused again.

So where does my Faith come in?

Right where I didn't expect it, want it to show up, or least thought about it! You see, I was saved in 1982. I was 100% into service to my churches (the two I went to over 17 years), and bringing up my children in the Lord. At a very dark time of my life, and due to devastating events (my daughter's daddy) in my life, I turned away and slid backwards in my spiritual life.

So fast did I slide!

I knew what I was doing too; there were many deliberate choices in the wrong direction. Don't let anyone tell you they don't know they are backsliding. You make a decision to stop following the Lord. You choose to do everything wrong that you do. This of course is following your sinful nature.

I made my first wrong choice while I was first engulfed in anger, and disbelief at how my child and I were treated by the hypocrites of a particular church.

I should never have let those negative and sinful feelings get the best of me, but I did. I have had to live some atrocious "spankings from God" in those years. I call them that since God gave me a free will to choose. I feel even though God allows us our choices, He doesn't always allow us to have the fun we thought we were entitle to doing the deeds.

I also now feel that the old saying, "There is no instruction book on how to raise children." is a total fallacy.

That the Word of God is the Instruction Manual for our lives and the lives of our children.

On this site, you will see our growth and walk with Christ. We are also accepting article submissions about your walk in Faith. Please use the Contact us or submissions links to send us your testimony how God works in your life.

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